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Leisure Society Summer Kickoff

June 13, 2012

Leisure Society kicked off summer in Venice Beach with the help of Dr. Hoff & Abbott Kinney neighbors. Guests were treated to eyewear fittings by CFDA  designer Shane Baum, organic spray tans for the face by Lavish Tan, brow & makeup touch ups by Kelley Baker Brows, and eye rescue eye treatments by Kerstin Florian. Delicious treats included sweets by Vanilla Bake Shop and Buchon Bistro all in Leisure Society colors.

The fashion savvy guests included Patty Perreira – Barton Perreira eyewear designer, Alexandra Bower – Beverly Hills Mom, Alexis Johnson – Beauty Bender, Alison Carreon and Amy Bernstein – Wear to Click, Amber – Amber Notebook, Bess Byers –, Beth Whiffen, Bethany Struble – Outofabook, Brittany Sage – Lipstick and Leopard Print, Caroline Cagney – C Magazine, Chanelle Laurence – The Penelope Times, Elizabeth Peterson – Traded in my BMW for a Minivan, Jamie Walsh – Glam Latte, Jasmine Duarte – LA Fashion Council, Jesse Selchow – Stylist, Kelsi Smith – Dedicated Follower of Fashion, Kiara Schwartz – Tobruck Avenue, Kimberly Truhler – GlamAmor, Kristel Kovner – BLVD.K, Melissa Magsaysay – Freelance Style Editor, Melissa Rodriguez –, Peter Adrian – The Hobbyist, Sarah Pollack Boyd – Simply Stylist, Stephanie Liu – Honey & Silk, Tamara Baskin – Lil Miss Style, and Yvonne Condes – Moms LA.

Hosts included Leisure Society designer Shane Baum, eyewear stylist Teressa Foglia, CMO Jonathan Tudor,  Hoff Optometry’s Dr. James Hoff and Marilynn, BluPRint’s Brittany Rubinger, Kelsey Schilit, and Jill Eisenstadt-Chayet, Kelley Baker Brows, Lavish Tan, and Kerstin Florian.

See all of the Leisure Society Summer Kickoff photos here…


Alexis Johnson of Beauty Bender in the Brown in bone


Caroline Cagney – C Magazine in the Harvard in black


Kiara Schwartz – Tobruck Avenue in the Swanbourne in bone


Jasmine Duarte – LA Fashion Council in the Swanbourne in Sahara tortoise

Stephanie Liu – Honey & Silk in the Pfeiffer in bone


Brittany Sage – Lipstick and Leopard Print in the Petite Vallee in silver tortoise


Bethany Struble – Outofabook “Snakes Nest”, Peter Adrian – The Hobbyist in the Highgate in tortoise, Kiara Schwartz – Tobruck Avenue in the Santorini in burgundy/gold, Kelsi Smith – Dedicated Follower of Fashion in the Swanbourne in burgundy tortoise.


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  1. How fun, wish I could have made it!

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