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Less Logo, More Recognition: Financial Times Covers Moscot on 1950’s Influences

July 17, 2012

Originality is non-existent. We steal from places that inspire our creativity and from these sources we project our imagination. It is the truest explanation for the cyclical tendencies of fashion and how what we’re doing now draws curiosity from the past. The transformation of The Terry  by Moscot from frames to shades illustrates perfectly how fashion today is reaching into the 1950’s and excising the simplicity in the memory.

The Terry by Moscot

The recent article by Mark C.O’Flaherty in Financial Times’ Style  highlights the insatiable appeal of a time passed, and the intention of the influence. The Terry was initially brought upon as a collaboration with Terry Richardson, renowned photographer, simply as focal lenses and since evolved into attractive sunglasses for him and his subjects. But for Moscot, a company established in 1915, the look is not so much subjective to nature as it is loyal to history.

“We’ve been selling that mid-century mod-style look for decades. We’ve never chased trends.”

The statement by co-president Harvey Moscot, illustrates the hard-driven continuity in appearance of a company embedded in New York fashion and unmoved in the volatility of its ways. O’Flaherty in his article attributes the power of the recession to hiding big logos and instead stirring a sense of self-discovery in your own tastes.

Find yourself through struggle stands the lesson. We all know Moscot has.


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